Persecution or Reaping What you Sow?


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  1. Persecution or Reaping What you Sow?
  2. Hope for the Suicidal

By Steve Peace Harmon


When believers hold up massive signs and use mega phones telling people that they are going to burn in hell and should repent, and then the people with the signs get attacked by people with curse words, rocks and are pushed and shoved. What that is called is, you reap what you sow. You sow anger, hatred, and foolishness, you get that in return. Jesus never modeled that type of ministry and neither did the disciples because it hardly works. And when it occasionally does it produces fear based, judgmental Christians. Jesus showed us a way on how to do it. Why the heck do something different than that, especially when He’s God?


Bill Johnson said of a story from Heidi Baker. She told him that one of their pastors got martyred. “Tongue was cut out so he couldn’t preach the gospel anymore. Hands were cut off so he couldn’t express the love of Christ anymore. His feet were cut off so he couldn’t go and preach and then they cut off his head. Then this man’s cousin drove two hours to get into that village. He came into the village and said, “You can cut out my tongue, you can cut off my hands, you can cut off my feet and a hundred more will follow me, because we are here to tell you that God loves you.” As a result of this moment, he stood their ready to give his life like his cousin did and then that day, 2000 people bent their knee to the name Jesus.”

In that story, it was not the word, but the action that said, “You are more important than me. That’s what love looks like. It’s not some cheap phrase or emotion. Persecution is basically two things. It’s when a person chooses to endure pain, whether emotional or physical, instead of forfeiting their relationship with Jesus. It is also enduring pain to make a statement to the person giving them pain that they are still going to love the person even though the person is hurting them. It’s making the choice to sacrifice your well being so the other person could have it. Love is at the heart of all real persecution.

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Steve is an average guy in 'kingdom' terms. He's just average within God's standards. He serves God, lives by faith, changes lives and aspires to be like Jesus of Nazareth.

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