“To prove God’s Goodness, Love and Power, demonstrated by the believers of Jesus Christ, just as He promised.”

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The miracle power of Christ in believers - transforming entire neighborhoods!


10 Year destroyed shoulder healed instantly in the name of Jesus!


He hadn't been able to run in 25 years... but now he can thanks to Jesus!


Torn rotator cuff is no match for the goodness and power of Jesus!


Wire in soldier's knee completely healed and his countenance is transformed!


Man in a cast healed while drinking at a pub... God loves us all so much!


'It's not magic'... your back was healed by Jesus who loves you!


Teen is overwhelmed by the reality of God as she walks out of wheelchair!


'But I don't believe in miracles'... Group of teens are healed by Jesus!


TEACHING: How to hear from God!



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Miracles!!  They are still ongoing in our time.  Jesus Himself said in Mark 16:18, that those who believe in Him “will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.“… Just as Jesus Himself did!


The videos you see on this page are only a few examples of the power and reality that believers have.  But WHY do we have this power?  It is because God Himself gives us this faith, through His Son.


Believe upon Jesus Christ!  Those who believe are promised and guaranteed salvation, AND we can also experience the true Kingdom of God NOW!… by performing signs, miracles and wonders… just as the Bible promises!


These videos are a PROOF of God’s promises.  They are a PROOF of God’s GOODNESS.  They are the REALITY of the faith that God gives us in Jesus Christ.




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