More about the law that so many Galatians Christians seem to miss

By Mark Rayner

Are we changed by following the law, or by knowing that we are a new creation, saved and reconciled to God? Tell a man he is just a sinner, guess what, that’s what he’ll be. Tell a man he is a new creation, loved of God and saved, guess what, he’ll want to live up to what he is, and it will be that glorious free gift from God that is his motivation.

Galatians 3

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

God Approves of Those Who Believe

You stupid people of Galatia! Who put you under an evil spell? Wasn’t Christ Jesus’ crucifixion clearly described to you? I want to learn only one thing from you. Did you receive the Spirit by your own efforts to follow the laws in the Scriptures or by believing what you heard? Are you that stupid? Did you begin in a spiritual way only to end up doing things in a human way? Did you suffer so much for nothing? I doubt that it was for nothing! Does God supply you with the Spirit and work miracles among you through your own efforts or through believing what you heard?

About the Author

Mark is a walking miracle. After 30 years of life destroying addiction, a radical encounter with God removed all addictions instantly, never to return. When you realize the Love that God has for you, all desire for sin falls away. He has little time for theology as everything he knows about the father has been seen through personal encounters with God.

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