Man’s Way Has Two options, Rebellion or Religion

Man’s way has 2 options, rebellion from God or religion to artificially make us feel worthy to be with Him, but deep inside know we are not. Fig leafing it.

God’s way has 1 option, receive His love. Jesus death took our sin and allowed us to once again be healed in His presence through His love.

Man’s wisdom looks and says what must I do. Even Jesus was asked this. His response was, believe. Believe on the One the Father sent.

If you are in fear, shame and darkness, come into the light. Jesus did not come to condemn, but to save. Do not be wise in your own eyes anymore, let Him transform you and graft you into His family.

Once you have freely received then you shall freely release. But until we are in His family we can not invite anyone else nor can we give what we have not received. Bless you!

by Christopher Lee Dittemore

About the Author

Mark is a walking miracle. After 30 years of life destroying addiction, a radical encounter with God removed all addictions instantly, never to return. When you realize the Love that God has for you, all desire for sin falls away. He has little time for theology as everything he knows about the father has been seen through personal encounters with God.

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