How to Punish the Devil

Take the word ‘lived’, spell it backwards and you get ‘devil’

Take the word ‘live’, spell it backwards and you get ‘evil’

Everything the enemy does is designed to make you live backwards.

Backwards from how God intended you to live.


Whatever the enemy wants you to do, do the opposite.

When you feel the urge to criticize yourself or others, do the opposite and proclaim a blessing on your life or theirs.

When you feel discouraged, tell the enemy you are a creation of God, an over comer with all the blessings of your father.

When you feel the urge to love or help another but that negative feeling tries to stop you, go help and love them more than you planned to.

When you feel the need to pray for a person for healing or encouragement and you feel like you will look silly or be rejected. Do the opposite, go and pray even more, love even more, bless even more.

We all know what a passion filled, bright, breezy, powerful, positive life looks like. Anything that speaks against that, in word or feeling, is trying to reverse the way you live. Go Do It Anyway, do the opposite and do it bigger than you even planned.

Punish the enemy every time he tries to stop you.

Use everything the enemy is using against you, and use it to punish him for even trying to stop you.

Turn everything he tries to do for evil into something for good.

How much longer do you think he will bother you, when everything he tries backfires in his face and then explodes.


About the Author

Mark is a walking miracle. After 30 years of life destroying addiction, a radical encounter with God removed all addictions instantly, never to return. When you realize the Love that God has for you, all desire for sin falls away. He has little time for theology as everything he knows about the father has been seen through personal encounters with God.

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