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Hope for the Suicidal

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Just the other night I met a young man who stopped by as I was at the Street Church ministry.  He was very high on drugs, fidgeting like mad, and was very emotionally agitated and depressed.  After offering him some food to eat (he was starving and ate 3 bowls), this man revealed to me that he had actually been on his way to kill himself!  He happened to see the ministry set up and (as I have seen before) was drawn over to it.   Monty, a rock-solid volunteer and I, just kept telling him that Jesus loved him.  We must have repeated this 20 times as he was eating.  We could tell that it was slowly sinking in.

He allowed us to pray for him, and tears started pouring down his face.  I talked to the young man for about 45 minutes.  He felt that because of his many sins (he once knew about God and the Bible), God was angry with him for rejecting the truth and wouldn’t forgive Him.  I told him that our God is a God of love, and that it wasn’t God who had turned His face from this man, but that we as men, have a tendency to turn our faces from God.  The man had pointed to a passage in Hebrews that said that God couldn’t forgive him because he had turned away.  Thankfully, I had been led to read and listen to the book of Hebrews perhaps five times in a row during the previous week… no other book!  So I simply told him that He hadn’t read far enough into Hebrews yet, and smiled at him.

By the end of our conversation, the man had been filled up with food, truth and hope.  He looked practically sober after this street meeting and so after one last prayer and a hug, I edified him just a little more and sent him on his way.  I invited him to come back any time he wanted, maybe even to help others.

There is a war raging for the souls of men.  People are perishing for a lack of knowledge.  All they seem to have is loneliness as a result of a world that doesn’t really care.  Because of our neglect, evil fills the void.  Our job is to get out there and be like Jesus.  The world needs the truth about God so badly right now!  The hardest part sometimes is simply walking outside of our front doors and meeting up with these lost wanderers.

Monty with Knife

The Power of Prayer


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On Friday night after a nice evening of serving the Lord at Street Church (see, some of us volunteers were having our usual prayer circle just before leaving for the evening.  I saw a man walk over from a ways off and ask us if he could join us in prayer.  He seemed quite depressed.

This story unfolded while volunteering at Street Church Calgary. Learn more about the amazing work Street Church does feeding the homeless by visiting their website.

We brought him into the prayer circle and prayed for him.  He then went on to tell us that he was a heroin addict and was going to kill himself that night.  He asked me to take a knife from him (the one which he was going to use to commit suicide).  We went on to pray for this man and to explain to him his true value in the eyes of Jesus.

We explained that God loves him and has a plan for Him and that the devil wants nothing more than for him to take his own life (and why).  We urged him to seek Jesus with all his heart and commanded the lies and addictions to leave him.  He went on to tell us that we had just confirmed everything his own mother had been pleading with him about.  

Afterwards we realized that he had seen the back of Monty’s coat which shows that “Jesus Is Lord”.  While we were standing there the Lord used this jacket to call him over to us.  I know that this man walked away this evening with hope and much truth which, God willing, will be used to bring him into the Kingdom of God.  Please keep this precious man in your prayers.   


Life and Death is in the Tongue

Today while volunteering at Street Church (see: I ran into and spoke with many folks.  One young woman whom I spoke with was wearing a T-shirt with a large marijuana leaf on the front.

This story unfolded while volunteering at Street Church Calgary. Learn more about the amazing work Street Church does feeding the homeless by visiting their website.

Being curious, I asked her if she liked marijuana.  She said no and I didn’t ask her any more about this subject.  I did go on to explain however how the enemy (Satan) uses drugs such as marijuana and alcohol, and the things of the world such as music and movies and television, to distract us from a relationship with God.

In fact, I told her that Satan the devil, the ruler of this world, really hates her guts and wishes to see her destroyed in hell.  I told her (and her friend who was starting to listen at this point) that the reason Satan hates her is because she is beautiful in the sight of God, created in His image, and that she has a created purpose to rule and reign with Christ for eternity.  But, I said to her, Satan will do everything within his power to prevent her from accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

He wants nothing more but to see her sidetracked from her real created purpose and he will work tirelessly to deceive her into being destroyed in hell.

I went on to say that the price has been paid for her sins by Jesus on the cross.  In other words we are not condemned for our sins any longer, but if we choose to reject Jesus, the Son of God, the payment for our sins, then we are already condemned.

We have chosen our destiny.  This young woman heard me out for about 25 minutes and was so intrigued that she didn’t even look at her sandwich for this whole time.

When these young people hear the truth, perhaps for the first time in their lives, a spark is ignited within their hearts (Matt 13:8).  Perhaps for the first time they begin to grasp the concept of the Truth, that His name is Jesus, and that He is real and that He really does love them with a great and an eternal love.

This story unfolded while volunteering at Street Church Calgary. Learn more about the amazing work Street Church does feeding the homeless by visiting their website.