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By Steve Peace Harmon

A lot of times, we as believers want to say the good stuff to people that are going through difficulties. What I mean by that is we will say things that act more as a band-aid than an actual solution. For example. Saying “God loves you” can at times be a solution, but saying it at other times can actually be a band-aid. “That doesn’t make sense,” you may be saying to yourself. One would think that saying that phrase would work every time. The reason why it doesn’t is because every person’s problems are different.

I remember when I was in my depression, a person telling me that God loved me would basically go in one ear and out the other. It would have no effect on me whatsoever. Why? Because I had walls up towards God. Telling me that God loved me, laying hands on me, or hugging me wasn’t going to work. What I needed to hear was somebody who actually heard from God, telling me about God’s specific nature and how he works relating to the lie I believed about Him. That is what actually got me free. “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

When I heard Christians give me the same ol’ spiel “God loves you, and is holding you” it would just make me more and more angry. Sometimes I could not be around Christians because they were simply talking from ignorance. They were making my problem worse because I was feeling hopeless based on the idea that the same cliché was all they could offer me in my time of distress. It’s important that we ask the Father what we should tell people and not just give them what we think they should hear or what will sound good.

I knew this guy who would go around giving everybody these amazing words and prophecies. Everybody would clamor to this person. After a while, they would find out that the prophecies and words were wrong and were only to make them temporarily feel good. The people would get discouraged and feel jaded. The guy was basically giving out words, in the name Jesus, from his self that wasn’t from God. He did it because he had wounds and getting people to come to him for encouraging words or prophecies from God made him feel good. In his world, he was a superstar. Obviously, he was using the wrong method in making himself feel good because it was at other people’s expense and he left a trail of heart break behind him.

Saying a word to somebody that may not sound amazing at first, will many times be the breakthrough that the person needs. I used to tickle people’s ears too, but I realized that’s just not love. That’s selfishness. It’s selfishness in the sense that you are saying nice things, because you want the person to like you. You’re actually caring about yourself more than the person. A person who truly loves cares the about the one getting well in the long run, more than the fear of the one not liking them. Now, I’m not saying that we are not to tell people the “nice words from the Lord,” because people need them, a lot. I give them out most of the time, but I’m willing to say the things that need to be said for the person’s sake that may not be the thing that makes them super happy at the moment. Nobody with a good heart wants to watch a person suffer over and over, and never getting complete relief.

On another angle, sometimes, people who are in pain would rather get the band-aid words, than actually getting the words that don’t offer fast relief. It’s kind of like the mentality of a drug addict or alcoholic. They want the quick fix, but that fix is again, only temporary, while their life is falling apart or changing very little for the good. They don’t want to confront what needs to be dealt with. They live in an “Ignorance is bliss” world, but on the outside, everybody can see that they are not living in bliss and the only one living the delusion is the person who is too afraid to see the reality of it all. And slowly, things get worse, and then they blame God for not wanting to help them.

I’ll leave it with this.. ” The wounds from a lover are worth it; kisses from an enemy do you in.” Proverbs 27:6

How to Punish the Devil

Take the word ‘lived’, spell it backwards and you get ‘devil’

Take the word ‘live’, spell it backwards and you get ‘evil’

Everything the enemy does is designed to make you live backwards.

Backwards from how God intended you to live.


Whatever the enemy wants you to do, do the opposite.

When you feel the urge to criticize yourself or others, do the opposite and proclaim a blessing on your life or theirs.

When you feel discouraged, tell the enemy you are a creation of God, an over comer with all the blessings of your father.

When you feel the urge to love or help another but that negative feeling tries to stop you, go help and love them more than you planned to.

When you feel the need to pray for a person for healing or encouragement and you feel like you will look silly or be rejected. Do the opposite, go and pray even more, love even more, bless even more.

We all know what a passion filled, bright, breezy, powerful, positive life looks like. Anything that speaks against that, in word or feeling, is trying to reverse the way you live. Go Do It Anyway, do the opposite and do it bigger than you even planned.

Punish the enemy every time he tries to stop you.

Use everything the enemy is using against you, and use it to punish him for even trying to stop you.

Turn everything he tries to do for evil into something for good.

How much longer do you think he will bother you, when everything he tries backfires in his face and then explodes.


Do You Really Have a Sinful Nature?

Why do Christians insist on telling themselves they have a sinful nature? I think it’s so they can excuse their mistakes. I think it’s the easy way out and blocks them from the change they have been promised as a gift. This way of thinking makes Christs sacrifice pointless. Are we still under the law? You can choose to live under the law if you like, as for me I will take the gift that Christ gave me. Thank you Jesus!

2 Corinthians 3:12-18
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)
12 Since we have confidence in the new promise, we speak very boldly. 13 We are not like Moses. He kept covering his face with a veil. He didn’t want the people of Israel to see the glory fading away. 14 However, their minds became closed. In fact, to this day the same veil is still there when they read the Old Testament. It isn’t removed, because only Christ can remove it. 15 Yet, even today, when they read the books of Moses, a veil covers their minds. 16 But whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.

17 This Lord is the Spirit. Wherever the Lord’s Spirit is, there is freedom. 18 As all of us reflect the Lord’s glory with faces that are not covered with veils, we are being changed into his image with ever-increasing glory. This comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

Belief and Faith

I was thinking about how belief and faith are related while reading Matthew 17:20  .  It made me wonder after seeing some people healed, and others not healed, why this is.  I believe there may be more than one single reason why a person is or isn’t healed, but most often I think that it boils down to belief and faith.

Here is what I believe believing is:  If someone tells you something, you choose not to doubt what they say, or, if you doubt it at first, you eventually realize that it is true and accept it as being true.  Belief is taking something that you have heard or learned, to heart.  You understand this idea, principle or subject with more than your mind.  In fact, you are thoroughly convinced with your mind and your heart.  So when Jesus says that believers can lay hands on the sick and they will recover… I believe that to be true with all my heart.  I believe in my heart, that what He said is unmistakably true.  There is no argument whatsoever.

Now, this is what I believe faith is:  If someone were to promise you that they were going to do something for you, you would not only have to believe that what they said will come true, but you would also have to act on that belief.  In other words, you would put your full trust in that person, with actions to prove that you truly believe what they have said and that they will honor their words.  Faith has so much to do with action.  When Jesus tells us that we have the power to heal the sick (through Him), we have to be confident and know that the action that we start will be completed by Him.  We have to act on the promise, believe that the promise is true, and be confident and trust that the promise will be backed up by Him 100%.  If we don’t believe, faith has no place to start.  If we lose our confidence or trust, our faith dwindles.  If we don’t act, there is nothing for faith to operate on.  Me must have all three:  Faith, Belief, Confidence (trust).

The reality is that God cannot lie.  Jesus cannot lie.  The Holy Spirit cannot lie.  But the enemy, Satan, was a liar from the beginning, the beginning of all doubt.  So who do we choose to believe?  If we choose to believe God, and what He said (through the Word of God), then we must also have faith to act out on that belief.  Believing without faith could be compared to a starving man being given free range at a huge banquet buffet, yet choosing not to eat it.  He knows the food is there, but chooses not to act on it and so receives no benefit.  So if we have even a small amount of faith (i.e. stepping out in action), the enemy will flee because the Truth begins to be made manifest in our hearts.  Miracles will happen.  People will be healed.  Hearts are opened to the reality of God.

When I lay my hands on someone to heal them, it is the first part of stepping out in faith.  I am showing that I believe that what Jesus said is true by performing a physical action.  Then I also believe in my heart that He will honor His word.  Finally, I am filled with a confidence (perhaps interpreted as a bold confidence), that He will do what He said He would do.  The more we step out in faith, the more faith grows in us because we begin to see the substance of the things we hope for, and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).